Naroh Arms N1 9mm 7 Round EXT Magazine


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Naroh Arms N1 9mm 7 Round EXT Magazine

Here is some information about the Naroh Arms Slide:


The N1 slide provides an ease of manipulation not found in other subcompact 9mm pistols due to its hammer-fired design and low force recoil system. Front and rear cocking serrations further improve the N1’s handling characteristics. Aesthetic touches include lightening pockets on the top and sides with fully machine-engraved logos. The N1 slide houses a firing pin safety and a fully machined extractor for safe and reliable function. The N1 slide is precision machined in house from 416 Stainless Steel and available in Black Nitride or bead blasted matte Stainless Steel finish


Pickup a spare Naroh Arms N1 9mm 7 Round magazine with the extended base. This magazine is a factory Naroh Arms magazine and holds 7 rounds. It also features the extended base that adds room for extra finger space on the grip of the gun.

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Weight 6 oz